Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Imbolc 2012

As I was preparing to start my spinning session in my living-room I felt like a voice telling me to light the candle for Imbolc. I said “Now? Isn't it a bit early?”. 
And the voice answered “Yes now!”
Forty minutes afterwards as I was cooling off doing some stretching I glanced at the candle and my thoughts obviously went again to Imbolc and how ironically enough I am finding it difficult to keep that inner light alight.
As if on cue, this picture a friend of mine shared on Facebook some time ago, came to my mind.

While I reread it with my mind's eye, I felt the Voice, chuckling, saying:

"Thank goodness the Universe knows no recession dear!"

I smiled.

The Universe has really strange ways to communicate and quite a good sense of humour.

Blessed Imbolc to all!

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