Monday, 23 January 2012

Review of The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade

It all started that I dreamt of Raven, of her giving a lecture on GLBT and religion. I tweeted this to her, several exchanges of tweets and all I know the next morning I found a copy of The Reluctant Tarot Reader ebook in my email.
I had just arrived in Malta. And obviously the Universe just though it was absolutely the right time to read such a book.
There is something that connects me to Raven but haven't defined it yet, not even after reading her book, nor after remembering that once I used to hear her podcast (before my 1st iPod touch died).
We have many things in common and reading her book was like touching white fire, raw sensations, memories which were preferably lost but just kept nagging in the twilight zone.
I found the words burning into the electronic display. Somehow I could feel the pain it takes to write all that.
The pain it took to live all that.
The great courage it takes to make it heal.
Words are written with a purpose.
Paragraphs are used as vessels; Chapters as fullstops and fresh beginnings.
It is not about academical Tarot. It is Tarot in motion.
It is a book that spares nothing.
All is torn to pieces, to be burnt in rage and left to simmer until Love will have Its way, transforming this book in such an intimate gift for us all.

Thank you Raven for not being so reluctant!

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Raven said...

Thank you for this awesome review, Acquafortis. It pleases me so much to know that you connected with the story -- that's the best part of writing and sending it out to the world.