Friday, 14 February 2014

Memories of you...

Memories of you,
as I opened the door,
to what really love was,
that gentle surrender,
in your eyes I've known,
in this and other eons.

Memories of you,
as I found myself,
confused at first,
when you left,
for fear,
that this friendship,
could not reflect,
what you made me lack.

Memories of you,
as I set in motion,
a journey to a distant land,
away from you,
and homeland affairs.

Memories of you,
as I found my pride,
my life,
another Love,
a partner,
to commit to,
and share.

Memories of you,
as now I am proudly Me.

Thank You.

May we all now find,
and continue,
this life,
in peace.

Blessed be!

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