Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Book Review: Angel Astrology 101

This book is a utility gem that combines the language of astrology with that of archangels. I was attracted to this book for basically one reason: I am an apprentice of astrology and was curious of how both archetypal energies can work harmoniously together.
To be honest I am not an angel person, maybe because of some Christian heritage I am not comfortable with, however I found this book freshly non-denominational.
This book helped me link the twelve zodiac signs, which I was already familiar with, to the twelve archangels. To me this felt like a rosetta stone energy book that explained to me bit by bit how the music of the spheres can be related to the archangel modalities.
As you can imagine the book is divided in chapters that link a zodiac sign to an archangel. In each chapter both the zodiac sign and the archangel are explained in simple, easy going layman language, illustrating the reason why that pair was combined and how they elegantly work together.
The chapter is then further divided astrologically and archangel wise by Sun sign (our vital energy, our life purpose), the Ascendant (how we present ourselves to the world and see the world), Mercury (how we think, talk and communicate), Venus (what we love, cherish and give value to) and Mars (our passion, assertiveness and sexuality).
In each of these divisions by planets, the archangel concerned is further detailed and its modus operandi explored, each time blending in how we can call upon for his/her help to better use the gifts we have in our natal charts.
In between each chapter there is a general presentation of the archangel, what energy he/she represents, what activities are normally linked with this archangel and the situations that we can call upon for his/her assistance.
I was particularly mesmerised by the use of colours and designs especially by the oniric illustrations of each zodiac sign. Sadly equivalent archangel drawings were not present.

I am sure my astrology studies have been enriched with this book. I will from this day on, curiously link the sign and planets with the archangel concerned and I am certain that a healing journey with the angelic realms through the astrology filter has been initiated somewhere in my heart.

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