Thursday, 13 February 2014

Review Book: Because of Her

I finished Because of Her, 24 hours ago and still I do not have the courage to start reading another book for the fear of loosing the feeling Ke Payne has evoked in me.

Tabitha and Eden have lovingly crept under my skin and snuggly found a place inside my heart to stay.

I found the book real and authentic. Raw in its feelings as crudely unprocessed, are those emotions that make us break from adolescents to young adults, from rebellious teenagers to conscious bearers of future generations.

Yes it is a book I would recommend to any young lesbian out there (and not so young one too!). For hurdles are made to be jumped and only in that leap for love and through love, we can start a change that is the passport to a better us, a better world...just because of her.

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