Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Samhain 2012

On the eve of this new year,
as darkness enfolds the world with a tighter grip,
and obscurity is more tangible than ever:

I shall light a candle,
in honour of my shadow,
that diligently is doing its job,
even if I may not always appreciate that.

I shall light a candle,
in honour of all those who this year,
I perceived their shadow, 
looming on my heart.
Blessed be you for teaching me how strong I can be.

I shall light a candle,
for all those who I still feel angry with.
May I understand that I am no better,
and compassion is a daily soul exercise.

I shall light a candle,
to all that dense murkiness.
May I delve deep in its sordidness,
so transformation will slowly begin.

I shall light a candle,
for all my Ancestors,
who I felt so much by my side,
in moments of deep distress.

May Your presence be always a reminder,
that even if answers are not found,
and the veil still remains cast,
Home is an eternal place,
where I shall return,
and until that day, 
may I always honour,
my soul's contract for this lifetime.

Blessed Be!

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