Sunday, 30 September 2012

An Aries Full Moon Dream

So during last night I had a dream, exactly at the time of the Aries full moon. A weird but potent dream that roughly went this way:
I was in sort of a big conference room/Norman style church. A huge gathering was taking place but I do not know if it was a worship service or a conference with a speaker.
At the end of west side (opposite the altar where the speaker was) there were a lot of old golden wooden shelves full of books, groceries and other stuff I can't describe but mainly it was books. Old looking books, seemingly full of wisdom. The shelves arrived up to the roof of the church.
All of a sudden I found myself on the very top of these shelves sitting very uncomfortably, actually precariously would be the more accurate description, with an immense fear that I was going to tumble down.
On my left (the Southern part of the church) I noticed there where beautiful stone arches, the ones you find in old Norman halls where women and not noble man could follow the proceedings beneath. People were inside these balconies. They called me to come over but I couldn't move.
As I looked down and I thought this is the day I am going to die, a tall, dark looking fellow with a black mantel on his shoulder appeared far below on the floor, on my right hand side. He looked stern, rigid but emanating tons of confidence and command that it filled the whole area including me. Although somewhat sinister looking I could feel kindness under his mysteriously dark gaze.
He looked straight into me and with a far reaching yet so delicately warm voice, he spoke out calmly:
"Can't you REALLY make it?"
I screamed "NO can't you see it is too high to jump".
He then slowly turned round, the movement causing his dark shining mantel to spread and flutter. He moved two wooden benches and put them one on top of the other just slightly right to my direct line of fall.
"Come on! Jump! You KNOW you CAN make it".
Obviously, I kept on stubbornly screaming the opposite.
All of a sudden I felt as if someone, a force just threw me down. I went into panic, bracing myself to sudden painful death.
Oh God I am going to smash myself to death”
But something strange happened:
As I went down I realised that the fall that seemed at least 20 stories high was just a little jump that even a small child could do.
I landed gracefully with my right foot first, on the left hand side of the benches. The dark Lord watching me somewhat bemused.
I just felt so silly. A mix of emotions rushed through me. Anger for being such and idiot. Relief that I was back with my feet on the ground. Stupefied by what happened.
I turned to look at the Dark Lord, wanting to ask a million questions but all he did was slightly nod his head, smile, turn round and disappear in one of the Northern Arches.
Besides me a shopping trolley appeared. I took hold of it as if taking hold of my sanity and started shopping from the shelves of that Norman church.

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