Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review of Sappho's Fables Volume 1

Sappho's Fables, Volume 1: Three Lesbian Fairy Tale NovellasSappho's Fables, Volume 1: Three Lesbian Fairy Tale Novellas by Elora Bishop
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I had already read two other books (with great enthusiasm) by Sarah Diemer/Elora Bishop before the unexpected opportunity arrived of having a free copy to review of Sappho's Fables, Volume 1.
So I thought I knew what I was expecting: Lesbian Fairy tales period.
Well, no way it was going to be as simple as that. To say the truth these three Lesbian Fairy tales have gone beyond that expectation.
For sure there is that distinctly characteristic noir leitmotif pulsing through the author's writing. However this time, maybe because she is co-writing with her wife Jennifer Diemer, the pulse has became a strong drumming rhythm.
The three fables retold (for lack of better word) are: "Snow White", "Rapunzel" and "Hansel & Gretel" As I said do not expect a simple retelling. No way.
Yes you have all the elements right for each story but then imagine you add a good dose of fresh magic, a fair share of women sensuality balanced by a fairer share of a dream like quality, dab it with noir and chopped raw determination then mix thoroughly in a creativity turmoil.
And Violà Sappho's Fables are served. Enjoy slightly chilled with a warm blanket, a comfy sofa and a candle.

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