Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary Mum & Dad

Today I would like to honour my parents who are celebrating there 39th Wedding Anniversary.
Dearest Mother and Father without you I wouldn't be me. I owe you all that I have learnt, am learning and will learn.
I have chosen you as my parents long long time ago and you me.
I would like to imagine that encounter at the Celestial Bar as a joyous event. We, all agreeing to help each other in this life-cycle. Sometimes taking unpleasant roles but with the sole intention to help each other in our reciprocal spiritual growth.
I imagine you mum with a piece of paper jotting down the list of experiences and lessons we wanted to live together while dad smiling and nodding benevolently.
Yes I can imagine you and me toasting gleefully to our journey together. A journey so full of hard lessons to learn but with so much love to give.
Yes we have chosen each other out of million other possibilities. And this can just only make you so endearingly precious to me.
Dearest Mum and Dad, today I celebrate you, your love for each other.
May the Universe guide you to the fulfilment of your existence and may your love be always a safe harbour to each other in troubled waters.
Happy Anniversary Dearest Mum and Dad.

Your daughter

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