Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy 65th Birthday Mother

Dearest Mother,

today it is your 65th Birthday.
You will never get to read this but I am writing it anyway. Energetically speaking you will perceive it and for me that's enough.
Once you were the person I hated most in my life. But slowly I learnt to respect you, appreciate and show gratitude to.
I now recognise you as my most crucial life-teacher. Because of you I have come to discover things about me and life in general that have utterly changed the way I feel and look at life.
We haven't arrived yet to have a healthy mother-daughter relationship but I think we are on our way.
What is for sure dearest Mother, I now know that you are preciously important to me and I'm looking forward to that day when we can peacefully sit near each other, basking of each others' love.
Happy Birthday MUM.

Your daughter

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