Sunday, 29 August 2010

My last day of my 37th year of life

This is my last day as a 37th year old and I just want to give thanks for all the many times I was blessed and I forgot to give thanks, show gratitude to the Universe that is always there taking care of me whether or not I perceive it.
I ask forgiveness for the many a times I was disappointed with what was going on in my life and didn't want to acknowledge it was wholly my fault and no one's else.
I ask forgiveness for my narrow mindedness that still keeps on stubbornly reoccurring.
I ask humbly for guidance cause my soul is so new to understanding that I have chosen my own life, I have chosen the day I was born in and the family for my upbringing too.
I ask humbly for support and shelter....there are many times I can't distinguish where I am going to and what am I really doing here.
I ask humbly for wisdom to learn from my mistakes, from the lessons I have so many years ago decided to learn but haven't yet done so.
And from my heart I give thanks for being me here today.... thanks for all the events, people, surroundings, customs, religions, education and society that have helped me, forged me into whom I am now....although sincerely speaking I do not know who I am.
This is just a young soul giving thanks to Someone, Somewhere around me and deep inside of me that I somehow know is there whatever I do, understand, misinterpret or argue against.
This young soul yearning for wisdom....coarse in her writings gives Thanks to Whom no words will I ever find to describe.
Thank you for my 37 years of being is this life-cycle.
A humble young soul full of gratitude (sometimes).

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