Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Beltane and Freedom 2016

Beltane 2016 this year happens at the 5th May 2016 at 03:42 CED. 

It is now two weeks that I have left the corporate world. It was 17:25 when the aeroplane hit the runway to take off to leave Milan to Rome and precisely at that time the Sun had just entered Taurus.

Now the Sun is at nearly at 15 degrees Taurus, the mid point of the fixed Earth, Beltane. This is the first Beltane I am celebrating as in my new life.

In these last two weeks people have been repeatedly telling me “Now you are a free person”. The first thing one of my ex-heads, that day just after I signed the resignation was, “Now you are a free person”. And that made me think….Why before I wasn’t?

The day after my area ex-co-workers sent me a message saying….Good Morning to your first day of freedom…. We admire your courage.

I wanted to answer back: that freedom and courage have a price…an unfathomable price…but I did not. I think no one can understand the price each of us pays to be truly who one is. Something I had not the courage until lately.

And with that Uranus came to my mind…

The resignation of my ex-job is the story of my Uranus - Uranus opposition (and some other stuff as well). I had read and studied about the Uranus-Uranus opposition…something I have seen people pass through and take huge decisions in their lives…the so called mid-life crises. I thought I wouldn’t do such a huge transformation in my life…leaving the known for the unknown. I deemed I had not the courage those people had.
I remember saying to my mentor, Helen Tremeer: I can never leave my job when I have nothing secure on the other side….and yet here I am…

Mine started a few days before my 40th birthday, when I fell from my bicycle and broke my rib. From then on my life has started becoming a crescendo for my true identity, of breaking of bars that kept me jailed. (Not that now there aren’t any, but life is a continual evolution and revolution.)

Astrology came into play and it helped me keep sane when all felt hazy and I felt I was going mad…with frustration, pain, worry and rebellion.

Various persons came into my aid. When the student is ready, the master appears. And to my teachers, mentors and friends I would like to say, “THANK YOU”.

So today I want to celebrate and toast to all this odyssey up to now.

Beltane is always special to me, it always brings to fruition changes that have been seeding in my soul for a long time. Perhaps it is because of my Taurus Moon. I do not know. This year it happens with a Balsamic Moon...that sweet spot, that melting pot, between what is now past and the future that has yet to manifest.

So here to Uranus, for breaking the jails of my captivity, for being, as my teacher Ingrid Naiman says, the Messenger of the Spirit into Matter.

To Neptune, that is still making this journey such mystically foggy and making stillness a point of being.

To Pluto, for bringing that pain/s up to the surface, for the long overdue transformation and the acknowledgement of my own personal healing power.

And to my Taurus Moon…for showing me where I have been coming from in these various life-times and for showing so much patience with all the rest of the astrological pack.

By Eric Williams

(The track below is called Sweetness of the Earth by Anugama. It has been one of my most favourite tracks to calm myself down, stop from panicking (or vomiting) and meditate, long before I knew what I was doing was called shamanic journeying. This is also the track I was listening when that aeroplane hit the runway to freedom. The name of the track can’t be more Taurus!)

Blessed Beltane to you and yours!

Blessed Be!

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