Monday, 29 February 2016

The Priestess, Purple Snowflakes and a Ganesha Pocket Watch

Probably since Neptune started approaching my Asc way back in 2010, I started having vivid and epic dreams that I could remember. Lately these dreams have become hugely epic. 
Probably because Neptune has been lulling my Sun and Mars for a couple of years now.
I find it interesting how homeopathic remedies and flower essences weave through my dreams and bring messages from the ephemeral realms.
As I mentioned in my previous post, for a week or so I have been taking Olea Europea 200CH and I started dreaming about Malta. Now form last Saturday it was the turn of Carcinosin LM3…and Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) essential Oil. The last time I took Carscinosin 200CH I dreamt very frequently about Malta, the sea, yellow rocks and cliffs.
Saturday I dreamt about my mother and my sister. We were somewhere in a house near the sea, in Malta. Probably we were in a harbour area. Nothing really particular except of dreaming both my sister and my mother together in the same dream.
However Sunday’s night dream falls under the vivid and mystical dreams filing cabinet. Probably because after Carcinosin I added a smear of Sacred Frankincense on top of my mouth’s roof and drifted to sleep with it in my mouth.
I remember the dream from the point where I was doing grocery shopping at my favourite organic shop in Italy. There were sweet desert samples to taste. Sort of coconut balls of various colours and flavours. I took the orange and white one. The brown ones, the chocolate ones, I avoided cause I knew that if I took it I would not sleep for three days.
Then there was a cannolo to taste. I toke a bite but I spat it out because I noticed it was wheat pastry… and I can’t eat wheat.
I put the grocery in the car and drove away. 
I arrived at a beautiful parking place near the sea. I knew it was Malta. The parking was exactly on the rocks leading on to the sea. On both left and right there were the huge yellow cliffs.
The sea was a bit rough, windy and the grey clouds were hanging low. 
I walked down just near the sea, where there were trenches cut in the rocks. The trenches were quite deep that I could walk in them without seeing the sea. I was just at the beginning of the sea enclosure.
To see the sea I had to jump and leaning on my elbows keep hanging on the rocks with my feet dangling. Which is what I did with extreme ease! The sea was at my face level. 
I was taking in all the beauty of that scenery in deep, slow breaths.
A young woman walked towards me from my left hand side, that is from the enclosed part of the sea. She had long, dark, curly, wild hair that was being blown in the wind.
She said, “She is beautiful isn’t she?”
Nodding I said, “Yes Malta is really beautiful.”
With love and devotion in her voice she answered, “Malta is not only beautiful. She is Sacred”.
As if thinking aloud I murmured, “It has been 20 years now that I have been away from Malta. I am thinking of coming back”.
“That is a long time”. 
After some time she added,”Do you have a job if you come back?”
Nearly jokingly I replied, “They say there is a lot of work for me here in Malta, if I come back.”
Looking straight at me and inside me she exclaimed softly, “Ah you are the healer aren’t you? I have heard about you.”
Amused I retorted, “About me? Who told you about me?”
Whilst closing her eyes for a second and tilting her head towards the yellow cliffs, she smiled, “They told me about you.”
At that moment, from the enclosed part of the sea, from behind the young woman, low strange clouds started rolling out, passing over our heads. They were like snow flakes but huge, so huge that I could see all their inner geometry and they were purple in colour. 
We both stood dangling from the rocks watching this mesmerising event. I tried to catch one…I asked, “What did they tell you?”
She never answered. 
So I said, I had to go back because it was late and probably my partner was getting worried.
She replied, “Come with me so we can exchange business cards”.
All of a sudden I find myself in the house of this young woman. As she was writing her name on a piece of paper she uttered, “I have to show you something”.
Her hand reached her chest and she took out a pocket watch pendant. “My mother gave it to me”. 
She gave it to me to hold in my hands. The lid was embossed with Ganesha. I pressed the button, opening the lid. Inside where the mechanical parts of the watch, which were powered not by crystals but by homeopathic white pills. Three of them came out. I tried to put them in so not to waste them….And she said, “No do not worry, the watch perpetually regenerates them and those are for you to take.”

If you made it till here, please watch the video, it is about Malta and its innate beauty.

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