Saturday, 20 February 2016

Olea Europea, Ancestral Healing & the Sun crossing over my Asc

There comes a time “when the knots come to the comb”. It is an Italian saying that can depict what I am going through.

My body, my wise body, two weeks ago blocked me and sent me on sick leave. My last sick leave goes back to exactly 10 years ago.

My homeopath gave me Olea Europea (the European Olive tree) at 30CH potency. I could feel things moving but I could not focalise exactly what was happening. It was there but it was in that liminal space where you can’t actually see it. Perhaps aided by the fact that the Sun was transiting my 12th house.

Just as the Sun crossed my Asc, the Olea Europea 200CH is delivered. I took one dose yesterday evening and one dose this morning.

And my mind keeps going back to my ancestors, to the blood and DNA I carry in me. To the conscious and unconscious believes I carry imprinted in my body and soul.  A bit of a Samhain feeling but on a very very personal level.

They say, that once Malta was covered with Olive trees and that Malta, Melita, at the time of the Roman Empire was known for its Olive oil and Honey.

I know there is an Olive tree that was planted in Malta at the time of the Roman Empire and it still produces olive oil.

I keep on imagining all my ancestors that come from the whole wide-spread Mediterranean sea basin. All the languages they spoke, all the faiths they held, all the wars they fought, perhaps even fighting each other on opposite ends. I keep on imaging the foods they ate, the cultures they lived, the knowledge they held.

I try to imagine their jobs and professions. Merchants, farmers, goat keepers, teachers, priests, slaves…Perhaps amongst them there were alchemists and seekers and perhaps keepers of ancient traditions.

I keep on imaging them all, sitting at one point in their lives, under the shades of an Olive tree and perhaps thinking about who would in the future carrying their lineage.

And perhaps in that illusion called Time we meet somewhere outside space, matter and time.

I can see us sitting with our backs on the trunk of the Olive Tree Spirit.
Olive Tree Spirit feels sturdy and wise. That kind of wisdom that comes from knowing that all passes but your essence remains true to itself. That generations come and go but a common denominator remains.

Olive Tree Spirit feels nurturing…that nurturing that comes from elements of the Earth weathering through every pore of one’s essence so to finally distill that quintessential energy in green alchemical gold.

I can see us all looking at each other, through eyes that have known many worlds, words and thoughts.

I can see us looking in each others’ eyes and see that common denominator, that golden thread that holds us all together in that matrix of family ties, lies, traditions and believes.

We have a lot of talking to do, perhaps even without words.

I know that my sickness and tiredness is here for a reason.

I know that Olive Tree Spirit will guide the ancestral healing that the time was ripe to do.

All I have to do is listen to the wind blowing through Its branches, the Sun glimmering through Its leaves and the warmth of Its trunk sustaining my tired back.

Blessed Be!

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