Friday, 2 October 2015

Book Review: In the Oneness of Time

In the Oneness of Time, The Education of a Diviner, starts with a series of mostly short episodes from the author’s life. The recounting takes place in no specific order in time but with a fine thread that waves in and out the picture of the grand theme. 

To each and every one of these episodes there is a corresponding explanation in the second half of the book. 

I wonder if it would have been more helpful having the commentary immediately after each episode. But I do understand that doing so would be like coming in and out of dream time, drying away that inherently magical and oneiric quality in the narration. 

I read with avidity yet pausing to let the words sink in to the new meaning that was forming.
I was saying to myself…so this is what happens… this is what it means moving between the worlds…when without warning, consciousness shifts from Tonal to Nagual.

I could at last give a word and explanation to something which I think we inherently posses but slowly by time we suppress. 

There are books that touch your heart in a profound and intimate way and this was such a book.

I won’t say I understood everything that Horden wrote but what I can say for sure he brought peace to a part of me.

Thank you.

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