Monday, 28 September 2015

The Full Moon, Sea Dragon & the Tree of Life

This is the dream I had just before the totality of the eclipse around 03:00 of the 28-09-2015

I find myself walking in my native village. It was eerily pitch-dark, no single lamp was lit in the narrow streets I knew so well. As I walk attentively down the winding street, I see a neighbour hurriedly closing the door with a syringe.
I turn the corner round the stationary shop and find myself in an enclave with the wide black open sea on the left hand side and the yellow costal headland, glorious shining on my right hand side. I was mesmerised by the Full Moon rising over the cliffs.
I took out my mobile to take a photo. And as I watching through the lens I could see a sea dragon swimming just under the surface of the sea. I could see his body sensuously dancing under the full Moon as if wanting to reach it with its mouth.
As I was going to click to take the photo the Dragon turned towards me, with his eyes burning through me. He didn’t feel menacing but powerful and he wasn’t liking the idea that I was preying on him.
So I turned round as quietly and quickly as possible.
In the piazza with a statue of Mary Assumption standing on the crescent Moon, I encounter my sister and her husband. The latter was terribly angry with me because I was out and about, all alone at this time of the night and he had to go out to search for me. My sister looked sad. 
I can’t remember if he puts me in a car and takes me away or I run away. All I know is that I find myself on a huge wooden platform. 
The feeling was as if it was suspended very high in the sky. I entered a sort of igloo where inside was the recreation of the Tree of Life and the constellations (made of tiny led bulbs) shining over it through the branches. The light imbibing the environment was bluish and there was a slight hum in the background. 
All of a sudden, one of the branches came to life and was singing the story of Ireland. At a certain point the story told of a moorish fellow with pleated short hair that could tell if men were lost at sea or they just ran away to find another woman.
I went out of the igloo and found myself in the midst of Irish celebrations. I started dancing and tapping. I held high a lady whilst turning round and round but was a bit afraid I could fall down from the structure. I told her “I better pay attention where I put my feet or excuse my pun, we could find ourselves straight down to hell”.
I went out on the terrace of this highly elevated structure and I could see the earth beneath. The clouds were just at my level and the sun was setting, splashing the sky with an orange-purple tinge.
I could see aeroplanes flying in the horizon.
It was beautiful, peaceful but there was something nagging at the back of my mind.
It was my cat, Puzzy, that just woke me up in time for full moon eclipse which I succeeded in seeing between bouts of clouds.

When I went back to sleep I dreamt something about an old church near a river where I was baptised by submersion and I woke up coughing because I felt myself chocking…
(now that I remember it seems I had a GPS that couldn't stop talking during the ritual)

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