Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review: Sound Healing for Beginners

Music has a profound effect on me. It can make or break my day. Literally. So this book captivated my interest.
The book starts by describing what is sound from various points of views. From the point of view of a physician, physicist, psychiatrist to linguist, magickian, healer, shaman and vocalist. They all give different facets of what sound is.
The book bases its foundation on opening our awareness to sound, be in and conscious of sound, expanding our consciousness through sound and reaching far, riding the sound wave we choose to be carried on. Fascinating idea isn’t it?
The authors go further with saying that we are not passive recipients of sound, we can also alter the energy way of that sound by our awareness and that sound is an energetic nutrient. 
Sonic Transmutation is also an interesting concept of changing unwanted noise to wanted noise with huge benefits on health especially if we live in highly noise polluted environments. A concept I am working on.
The authors work a lot with breathing exercises which is the basis of all the exercises which will then be extensively illustrated in the book. Meditation through breathing, humming, toning and mantras reciting are all beautiful exercises to get in touch with the sound energy and slowly be enwrapped by its healing properties.
There is a lot of background of what is shamanism and how shamans have used sound to travel in between the worlds. There is also a detailed description of Brain Wave Rhythms and their effect on our brains.
I have experimented some of the exercises whilst reading the book and some of them had profound effect on me. They are not exercises that can be mastered in a couple of session. 

This book is more of a textbook for exercising consciously with sound every day, becoming a conscious sound rider until slowly we can learn to shift both the sounds we hear and those we make in a transformative healing energy.

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