Monday, 28 April 2014

Me, the Eritrean Lady and the penknife

There was a sad child amongst other children aggressively holding a penknife. The child was threatening to kill herself or others.
It seems I formed part of a special squad and I was called to diffuse the situation and take safely away the knife from the child.
I slowly approached the child that sniggered at my coming, saying that no way I shall take away her knife.
I said calmly, I am not here to take your knife away but I am here to talk with you and teach you how to use that knife.
As we talked the child became an adolescent and all of a sudden she started sobbing heavily on my shoulder. I soothingly said, let it go, you do not need anymore that pain, let it go.
After she stopped crying and she stood back from me, I looked at her. The child had become a beautifully tall, harmoniously looking Eritrean young woman that oozed sensual power with her every single move.
I said softly, my time has come to leave.
She looked at me with those dark brown eyes whispering, how can I ever repay you?
I said: with just a small kiss.
She said, already on the defensive: ah you do not want more?
No! And with a croaking voice continued: I can never ask that of you.
She studied me for a second while I could see her body relaxing, leaning forward and softly touching my lips with intense emotion.
Tears mixed, souls connected and we parted.
She closed the penknife and put it in her pocket.

I put my hat and haversack on, waved goodbye and went in a densely packed forest knowing that she was still watching me leaving as I ventured on a lonely journey.

(This is a dream I just had in the early hours of the 28th April 2014 whilst on holiday in Couiza, Aude, France)

This is a traditional shepherd's penknife of the Aude region, made of green wild oak from the mountains in Céret area, I bought the day before from Esperaza market.

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