Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review Book: The Diabetes Breakthrough

I was very interested in reading this book since I have been living with my genetical diabetes for quite some time now. 
Sincerely speaking I thought there was more to this book than what I felt was stating the obvious. But I kept on reading...
And yes for me it states the obvious or at least most parts although rereading them can help refreshing parts that I might tend to forget willingly or not (such as portion weighing).
Now I do not want to sound arrogant in my knowledge (but being a health practitioner does help a bit here)  on second thoughts this book might not state the obvious for those who are new to diabetes, or pre-diabetes or whatever there is in between and akin.
And from my experience with patients even those who have being living with such maladies for quite a long time might not find it so obvious.
So what is my “verdict”:
I would suggest this book as a life-time companion to read and reread occasionally. A book to keep at a GP's waiting room or a nutritionist. It is simple to read. No medical jargon. Easy to follow. All things are taken in steps and tables come to aid.

Just one thing to add, not all diabetes or pre-diabetes are created equally. Each of us has her/his own story and need specific and individual treatment. 
So yes read and follow this book but first of all listen to your body, discuss with a doctor you trust and a nutritionist that can follow you through. And remember there are no hard and fast rules, we change in time and so our needs.

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