Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Happy 51st Birthday G (on a Taurus Moon) !

Happy Birthday my Love,

watching you today celebrating your 51st birthday is something so intimately special...
Since your 50th Birthday a year ago when your Chiron return started with all sorts of disabling hip pains and other maladies I have seen you grow, heal through suffering, through loss, through mutilation, through identity lost and passionately, avidly fought for, to be found again.
You have been an exquisite raw, vivid example of what rebirth is. That it is possibile to do so.
I love the Universe synchronicity: Your 51st birthday is happening with a Taurus Moon, that same energy of steadfastness, belief in life that has accompanied us in your...our journey through breast cancer and mastectomy.
It seems fitting isn't, that your Solar Return is being celebrated with perseverance, with sensuality, with those small, comfortable, sensual things in life that make us feel connected with Mother Earth.
So my Love, what else can I wish you on this special day?
May you be always true to yourself no matter what, at the end of the day your intuition has always been right...just give yourself time to listen to your own drum will take you on a unique pioneering inspiration to us all.
Dance to your own music G, it may seem strange at first, others might not understand but at the end of this journey you will have created a spontaneous, exuberant, fearless Youtube film for us all to insightfully ponder on!
Thank you my Love, for being in my life.

I love you.

Ricotta with panna cake kindly made and decorated by La Graniteria Messinese @Lido di Ostia
(The symbols are from a dream G had before she was diagnosed of breast cancer with a caption saying "Follow your dreams")


Halfblood said...

Happy Birthday G! It is simply so immense and special the feeling of love you can get reading this post! Wish you girls all the best!

Acquafortis said...

Thank you @Halfblood! :))))