Monday, 26 December 2011

The Two Digital Rings

Tomorrow I am leaving to Malta to visit my parents. You might say “What is the big deal?”
Those who have been following my blog know that my parents and I have a rocky relationship, only lately recuperated. So my visits there are a bit like a Russian Roulette. You do not know when the bullet will fire. And when it does I have to be ready to move aside Matrix style and be all Zen about it.
On G+ I posted about taking off or keep G's and mine same fourth finger rings. I usually take it off when I go to Malta. 
Basically I know my mother is not very keen on my sexuality and indirectly with my partner for the simple reason that she is a woman. I was debating if taking them off was common sense or not enough courage to face the situation and defend my life and love.
So after various discussions and several meditations I came up with this decision. 
We shall take them off.
I am going to Malta to be with my family. I have pained many a session to be on talking terms with them. I know what makes them tick. The fact that for the fourth time I am going down with my same partner is big enough a statement in itself. And big enough fact for my mother to cope with and at the same time be on the watch out for alarm signals of high pressures and gale force winds.
It is up to me to smooth the way for communication with them. So going down to Malta with two same annular rings would be like having a gay pride flag sticking on my finger and a horn blasting saying “look at me I am gay”.
So I think this is a decision matured out of common sense. We will leave the rings under the custody of my cat and my house...two witnesses of our love who are more than enough, for now.


Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Sending you support, clarity and much love for whatever happens, whatever you decide. You are an awesome, awesome woman, and that is what matters! May it be a surprisingly easy, fun, and safe journey!
~ Beth

Acquafortis said...

What an honour, you, Beth Owl's daughter writing on my blog. Thank you so much! Now I feel blessed.

bleedingfinger said...

I hope things work out well and you have a stress free time with your family. It should be a time everyone enjoys and I hope people will think of that.

Ila said...

I agree that you have made a very mature decision. I have tears in my eyes right now because my heart is swelling with pride in you. You are being very unselfish.

Elizabeth said...

How did your stay with your parents go?!

Acquafortis said...

@Elizabeth: I am still here will let you know when all ends..Thanks for the concern.