Friday, 23 September 2011

Mabon 2011

So Mabon is here. The underworld is being ushered in cycle of our life. As regards my life, Mabon has made its appearance a couple of weeks ago.
By underworld I am referring to all that needs quiet, introspection, meditation and downright hard work on my believes, codes and patterns of behaviour.
These last 2 weeks if I had to decide between spinning or meditation I always choose the later. Who follows me knows how important is physical activity for me, both mentally and for my general health. But these days have been a calling to meditation which I did at least once a day.
Somewhere it will take me. Somewhere a door will open, a path will appear and the fog will disperse taking with it all the residual anger I am still holding.
As my mentor said: “What is important is that we are consciously aware”.
May Mabon guides us through the darkest allies of ourselves, softly and warmly touching us now and then, reminding us that we am guided.

Blessed travelling to all!

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