Monday, 12 September 2011

Judgemental Pride

"How unsurprising, then, that so few people have the patience to learn what is in their own hearts, much less the hearts of others. Little wonder that few possess true awareness. Such knowledge comes at a price – it can be a difficult, painstaking, slow path, during which we must suspend our ego.
The great paradox is that when we let go of our need to be in control, but instead simply surrender to the process, true wisdom and power are given.
Only when you completely let go will you discover you never had to hold on in the first place. You are always being held by unconditional love."

How appropriate this quotation that I found again on Beth's Owls Daughter blog.
I became angry because my mentor showed me that I was having serious problems with people who are superior to me in hierarchy (such as work, age etc). Instead of accepting the advice, I became angry. My ego rebelled with all its fury typical of an adolescent child.
How come me I have such a problem? No way you are kidding!
Well here we go...what a perfect message to receive and remind me that being stubborn, hard headed, full of pride will not get me anywhere. The result will only be others still suffering from my behaviour and me stuck in pride and pain.


Ila said...

You sound normal. I was especially that way as a teenager. I thought I should always be perfect and when I found out I wasn't it was a real blow to my pride.

This continued into young adulthood. The older you get the more accepting you are of criticism and advice. It's part od maturing.

Acquafortis said...

Thanks Ila. You gave me courage.