Tuesday, 29 May 2007

What a day!

Seen 4 road accidents while coming back home. 3 in the same road. The funny side of one of the accidents is that a carabinier's car was involved most probabily running to the accident just a couple of 100m metres down the road. Hopefully none got hurt, although two ambulances past by me while I was trapped in the queue.
This morning while I was battling with a 70km/h wind to go in the car I hear my mother calling on top of her voice from the window of their appartment on the 4th floor...I do not know how to explain my feelings...strange, hilarious, comic?! I know she does it because she cares but this doesn't stop me from feeling uncomfortable.
I am carving for my spaces, my freedom and I feel guilty cause they came here to see me...and I can't take it anymore to have them round. I feel run after by a hound.
Will I survive? More than anything else will I survive my dutyful daughter guilt feelings?

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