Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dancing Stars, Orphism and the Ides of March

I woke up this morning from a very beautiful dream for lack of better words. 
I was emerging from a very long underground walk in what appears to be old Temples with annexed a shopping centre. I was with my partner, my Pagan Temple Guardian brother and my biological sister. We were trying to find our car that was situated on the level on top of us. So I guided them through a myriad of huge stones and hollow dark cavities. 
We emerged on the other side of the parking lot. Between us and the parking space there was a huge circular opening. It was night time and lights were shining on the other side where the parked cars were.
I exclaimed (with a certain satisfaction),“You see we are out of the underworld, I guided you to the car.” 
I started walking across this huge circular opening. As I placed my foot on it I sensed it was slippery. Instead of finding it scary or difficult, as my travelling companions seemed to feel, I found it amusing. 
Instead of walking, I started intentionally skidding until I mastered the art of skating on what seemed a wooden parquet. I was joyous, buoyant and felt whole. Whole with all that was surrounding me.
I called my friends, “Come on! It’s fun”…and as I said so I started swirling round with great mastery just like the Sufi Whirling Dervish.
At that moment I looked up to sky and I could see all the stars moving and dancing, swirling around in an eternal motion.
I picked up on that motion and synchronised myself to it. I was dancing with the stars while my feet caressed Mother Earth. All of sudden an energy beamed from the soils of my feet up to the stars.
I felt alive, really alive and really awake. In that precise moment I felt in harmony with all the Cosmos and found my place in the quantum mechanics of it all. I was in pure ecstasy.
I was so alive that I swirled my head so much that I woke myself from the dream….I was smiling…
And in that moment I remembered a phrase from a Netflix series I watched yesterday for the first time called Da Vinci’s Demons, which struck me as very familiar:

“I am son of Earth and of starry Sky. I am thirsty please give me to drink from the fountain of memory”

After writing the dream, I googled the phrase and I find that is attributed to Orphism, linked to Orpheus and the cult of Persephone and Dionysus…both very present in the symbolism of the dream….

It is also interesting that this dream came on the Ides of March when celebrations to the Goddess Cybele, known as the Great Mother, where commemorated in Imperial Roman era. Goddess Cybele according to wikipedia was originally known as the Anatolian Mother Goddess, the same place where the Sufi Whirling Dervish originate from.

I am wondering what’s next…

"A Fallen Star" by Gilbert Vancell

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