Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A 100m race, Rennes-le-Château and a Ziggurat

The dream started by me fetching the car and driving up to the northern part of Italy, the Alps area, near Bolzano. I arrive to a huge athletic stadium that was situated in one of the valleys. I knew I had a 100m race trial to do that day.
As I approached the stadium, I notice that on the right hand side, high up on the mountains was the castle of Rennes-le-Château.
Oh, I murmured to myself I am in France then. I was so happy that I was near this place. So I made time to climb up slowly to the castle whilst taking photos as the day turned into night and back to day again in a very short time.
As I was there I was thinking how the heck I was going to drive down to Rome and back again the next morning for the next trails. I was discussing it with some other athletes which were all very much younger than myself. My trails, the next day were at around 8am. No way I was going to make it without risking to fail the trails.
In that precise moment Puzzy woke me up…fed him as quickly as I could and went back in bed asking the Universe if it was possible to continue the dream…And so it happened (a first I have to say).
I was back at Rennes-le-Château taking photos and basking in the calming Goddess energy I was feeling there. All of a sudden I remembered that a Maltese friend of mine had told me about a place where she stayed. I found the place and booked at room.
It was late so I went to the restaurant to eat something. Whilst I was eating in a sort of veranda, a person eating at one of the tables situated on my left hand side, died serenely whilst finishing supper. I heard people exclaiming: “What a great way to die, at peace whilst you are eating.” I saw them taking the body away.
I finished my dinner and went up to my room. The stairs that lead to my room where on my right hand side. They were carved in yellow stones, going round this square building that now seemed more like a ziggurat. 
As I went higher up the stones became narrower and narrower and night has shrouded all the valley. All I could see was darkness. I knew that if I fell that was no way I was going to remain alive.
As I turn round the last corner to the right, the stairs open to a huge roof and in front of me was in all its glory the spiral of the Milky way. I could see all the galaxies moving slowing around each other in an eternal never ending spiral. 
I stood there in awe. I felt at home and at peace.
I turned on my right and went in my room, in this huge yellow stone building. Whilst I was looking out from the window, a woman came in to take my clothes.
She said, “I take your clothes now so that they can be washed so you have clean clothes for tomorrow’s trail. But I won’t use your soap. Your soap tends to absorb the clothes colours”. She showed me my light indigo soap that has been become 1/3 blue. With that she went away and Puzzy woke me up again.
I have meditated on this dream for a whole day.
I was in Rennes-le-Château back in late April 2014. I was there when the Taurus Solar eclipse happened. So many things happened and started whilst I was there. I know I cried a lot. I felt the Earth calling, calling me back to my real values and passions.
During that Taurus Solar eclipse my partner and I both charged two Tree of Life pendants. I had been carrying mine for a long time. She had just found one at Rennes-le-Château.
I stayed in Couiza and I all could feel was that primal nurturing energy that eventually reminded me so much of Malta. Only later would I understand that it was then that the Goddess started calling.
I saw young people that had left the corporate world to go for their passion, to act as stewards of the Earth they lived on, to revive old traditions and skills.
I was already suffering from digestive problems and there it was the last time I ate meat or fish and became vegetarian.
There it was when I physically met my astrology mentor and we started working together not only with astrology but also with homeopathy.
Much later I would get to know that whilst I was visiting there, there were other two Maltese visiting the area. One of them is the one I mention in the dream and that actually was staying there in Rennes-le-Château at that time. And both are on the Goddess path…
As regards the 100m trails… I started doing sports at the age of 12 against my family’s orders. It was the only thing I did that visibly went against my family’s values. I was a woman and according to my family and culture at that time I shouldn’t be going around doing races. I had bowed my head to many things whilst I was living with my family…just for peace keeping and because my physical survival depended on them…but sports was the only thing I rebelled again. 
I remember very well that for all the races I did there was never any one of my family. I always ran alone.
As regards the Ziggurat…well that is something I fondly carrying in my heart, memories from a very distant past, perhaps a past life. The Sabian symbol for my Ascendent degree is “Moonlit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white”. The first time I heard this phrase a vision came to my heart and I wrote about it here.

I always remain in awe how without knowing but only listening to the heart, that tuning fork always finds its way back home.

My meditation spot in Couiza just on banks of the river L'Aude

Symbol photographed in Rennes-le-Chateau

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