Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Disseminating Moon, The Yellow Stone and a Tuning Fork

It is 03:44 local time as I am writing. The Disseminating Moon, my natal Moon phase, has just entered Virgo and crossed over my descendent. It will soon meet my natal Sun.
Till now this Moon cycle has been a very powerful one…and I was awaiting what will happen in the disseminating phase that began yesterday.

I have been awake for more than an hour. I shall blame it on a delicious Nutty cake that has raw cocoa in it and that I ate a small piece for lunch. That is the reason my mind wants to stick with.
The reason my heart wants to stick with is another…

In the living room there is a purple box, a gift I was given yesterday. In that box there is something I never thought I would have. A small piece of yellow stone from a sacred site in Malta.

That yellow stone, that I usually dream in my dreams, has just whispered me out of my sleep. And I had to open the box and take it out.
I know those voices, they are the Spirits of my native land. They are those same voices that 30 years ago would make me wake up in the middle of the night, go on the roof and watch stars.

They are the Temple Builders People that part of their DNA is in my blood. They are my Ancestors, my invisible friends.
They are the Ancient Wisdom to whom I vowed to be a Guardian and a Keeper in this lifetime and many others.
They are the creators of my dreams…

Yes, my friends are right, the Temples are calling all their children from all over the world to come and listen.
I know that Voice. 

It vibrates in my very core, in my bones, and in many lifetimes.
It is as intimate as the dance of primordial space in my body.
It makes me hum like a Tuning Fork that even from afar recognises its own frequency.

And all I can do is listen and hum….listen and hum….listen and hum…

To a lullaby that out of chaos creates life.

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