Monday, 21 December 2015

Ruminations on my 2015 Yule's Wreath

I have succeeded in conceding myself a few minutes to sit down with the Yule wreath lit with, for now, 4 candles: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Tomorrow I will light the 5th one… Spirit. The rest of the chaos of packing can wait a bit more…
Usually the Yule wreath was just that, there was no extra “altar” vibe connected to it. Although the altar thing has slowly taken form in another place in my house.
But the Yule wreath had always a place, another different place, in the living room. And it was just that…
However this year, all the place has been cleared around it…and I was looking at all the things that slowly in these last four weeks, have come to form… the altar that it has now become.
The altar reflects uniquely me. 
There is a flower composition, a gift from a client of mine, that knows I am a pagan (she is a fervent Catholic and same year of birth as mine and we both light the candles in this period of the year).
There are cards from my Australian cousins and the card from the firm I work for.
There are my new business cards, for my new me, sealed with fresh herbs ready for the ritual I will be making tomorrow as the Moon in Taurus conjuncts my Natal Moon in Taurus…on Yule’s day.
There is an old olive Pestle and Mortar coming from Calabria, which tomorrow will be holding the herbs for the ritual. Just now is only holding salt and sage for purification.
There are the dried herbs that I will be using tomorrow.
There are four apples at the four corners of the Yule wreath.
There is a small broom which I will use for rituals and Chinese coins for prosperity.
And dear to my heart, this year there is not only the Owl but also a cat plastic figure which I had for ages. I had no Lynx symbol but for now that cat symbolises a Lynx.

Funnily enough quite a few of those things have conglomerated suddenly in these last 48 hours as if the Universe was giving it a final polish before the great event.
I look at the Yule wreath and wonder how many obstacles I have surmounted. How many surprises and epiphanies I had during the journey.
I am a completely different person, yet again, from Yule of last year.
I have, perhaps, succeeded in not throwing the baby out with the bath water, under a still ongoing Uranus opposing Natal Uranus.
I have come to know, perhaps, what Neptune near my mid-heaven means in my life. Transiting Neptune to my Sun and Mars has completely sucked my energy out. 
However on the plus side, my meditation practices have intensified to levels I thought I would never reach in this lifetime. It has reminded me of who I am and where I am coming from…pity sometimes there is not much energy left to actuate what Saturn, the Teacher and Task Master wants daily out of me.
And I thank Saturn for bringing, perhaps, a structure to it all….even if that structure might be attainable only in a few years time and in another country.
Pluto did not want to be left out...just now He is squaring my Uranus and my Chiron...that change and transformation to integrate the healing arts in my life has a price tag stamped on it.
I look at the Yule wreath, and I sense my purpose in this world, I sense the calling…and the possibility to make real the vision…something I had lost more than 24 years ago.

With gratitude to all of you that in one way or another have added and still are adding a part of a big jigsaw that is my life.

Blessed Yule’s Eve to You all!

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