Sunday, 15 November 2015

Setting My Intentions

Amongst all this Pain and Fear,
In all this perpetuating wave of Terror and Hatred,
I am plunging my feet firmly in the Ground.
I am opening my arms to the Sky.

I am the Atoms and Molecules that make me.
I am the Energy and Light that binds them together.

I am the Creator of Myself.
I am the Light that pulses through the galaxies.

I am setting my Intention, 
aligning all my Being and my Wholeness,
to become a Tuning Fork,
to Peace and Compassion,
to Love and Brotherhood of Humanity.

I am holding the space for Healing,
for Dis-ease to find its rest,
for Pain to find its Balm,
for Hatred to find its Compassion.

I am holding the space,
amplifying exponentially,
all the acts of Kindness,
all the gestures of Compassion,
all the acts of everyday Heroism,
that are never talked about.

I am amplifying the Human-ness,
and the God-ness in all of us.

I am choosing,
intentionally aligning,
with keeping my heart open,
my eyes vigilant,
and my spirit aware.

I am intentionally putting myself in the Light,
whilst dancing with the Darkness,
For I am the Co-Creator of my World.

I am intentionally holding a space,
for Healing to take place,
and the best of Humanity,
to stop this insane hatred race.

And I know I am not alone.

Please let us join forces.

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