Saturday, 31 October 2015

Samhain 2015

My Samhain Candle outside on the balcony, this year, is dedicated to all those Wandering Souls who have lost their body in the Mediterranean Sea whilst escaping from war in search of a better life.

May this candle be a beacon, 
a lighthouse,
to your way back home.

May your wanderings finally come to rest,
and your fears turned to safety.

May your tears of despair, 
become seeds of hope,
in the vastness of mankind.

May your courage to face death,
become our wake up call.

May your sacrifice,
strengthens Humanity.

May the coldness of the sea,
and the indifference of governments,
turn into a warm embrace,
as the Guardians of the Portal,
usher you to your Divine Self.

Safe Travels.

Blessed Be.

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