Saturday, 5 September 2015

Ganesh & I

I have been reciting Ganesh mantra form the beginning of June 2015, 108 times for every single day, in my meditation practice, according to the Vedic tradition. I needed to cut loose all that I did not need anymore, all that distanced me from my soul's alignment.
It was my first experiment with mantras. And I approached it not knowing what was going to happen. As I recited the mantra, something inside of me started shifting... I looked forward to recite it. To commune with such energy.
After about 40 days of reciting the mantra, Ganesh came to me in one of my epic dreams. He was a living, burning, dancing tattoo on the inner side of my left upper arm, just on my biceps. I felt as if Ganesh had marked me for life. I was somewhat "his" or her's as I tend to feel Ganesh's energy as a yin energy similar to raw mother earth energy.
In the dream, my partner was feeling deadly sick and all I could do was chant Ganesh mantra.
I danced and clapped until I felt the sky open and there was no difference between this world and the other. My partner was completely healed.
In theory I should have changed mantra but I felt I wasn't finished yet. I recited the mantra all August...and what I did for the whole of August, for all my holidays was throwing out stuff, decluttering, donating all that I did not need anymore.
I felt I was closing the past to make space for the future.
As the holidays came to an end I felt drawn to a new mantra...but sometimes during the day I repeated Ganesh mantra softly in my heart.
There was a mayor turing point in my life a couple of days ago in my life...and with hindsight I feel Ganesh had his trunk well active in the process.
Today I went to an ethical living fair, hoping to find Ganesh statue...I had been longing to have one.
I not only found one but two small ones...
What I did not know that today is Ganesh Charturhi, the festival that celebrates the birthday of Ganesh...I only got to know it after reading Beth Owl's Daughter daily blog on sacred days. 
And all I could do is smile and bow to such Divine synchronicity...and to such love...

This is the mantra I have been reciting:

And these are the two Ganesh statues that found themselves to me. The bronze one is now tied to my house and car keys.

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