Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Book Review: The Alkaline 5 Diet

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a review.
The book starts with the good and bad news about diet and health, from the “health” agenda of the giant corporations, GMO food, the false ideas of health induced by the medical authorities and health experts, the lies about cancers etc. Followed by enlightened beliefs about health as suggested by the author. Then there is a description of what is an alkaline diet and how it works.
The author explains why an alkaline diet is not exactly the same as vegan diet and goes into explaining the alkaline-acidic ratio (in this case 80:20) and the benefits obtained by following such diet and how to apply it in daily life.

Part One of the book gives the framework for Optimum Health and Healing that is:
  1. Sunlight and deep oxygenation
  2. Pure hydration
  3. Sleep and balancing rest
  4. Living alkaline foods
  5. Eliminating acidic toxins
  6. Movement and posture
  7. Postive mindset and emotions
Each of the above topics has a small chapter fully dedicated to the argument. 

Part Two expands the principles of the Alkaline 5 Diet. Which is from 30-80% (by calories) raw fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, the rest are cooked vegetables as in soups and whole grains and wholegrain products. Seeds and nuts are only allowed in a measure of at max 50g per week. Natural condiments are allowed but only if vegan, GMO-free, low fat and free of any additives, flavourings and colouring. Pulses are allowed in very small quantities because they are only 68% carbs.

Then there is a description of the Alkaline 5 Diet Meals that are:
  1. Blood Cleanser
  2. Vitamin Vitality Meal
  3. Fat-Loss Sugar Meal
  4. Raw Alkaline Mineral Meal
  5. Hearty Cooked-Fibre Meal
All accompanied by a detailed description of what each is and a list of how to stock your pantry to follow the diet.

Part Three is a day by day, 21-days diet programme.

I am not new to the subject and much that has been written in this book I already knew. In the book there is a lot of motivational talks, personal health story and testimonials of people who followed the Alkaline 5 Diet.
My only warning for this diet is: always check your insulin sensitivity. If you have low insulin sensitivity, known as insulin resistance, you may have difficulty metabolising all the glucose released in this diet and excess glucose becomes fat.
If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic check your blood glucose regularly with each meal plan as indicated in this diet. If you are going to keep it for a long haul check your A1C.
We are all made differently and the concept of holistic health and diet is that each diet is tailored to the individual.
I am sure many will find this diet an excellent way to reverse diseases, even serious ones. As I am sure for a percentage of the population this low fat, high carbohydrate vegan diet, is not a good way to achieve an alkaline environment in the body and urine.
However even if you can’t follow the diet as a whole, incorporating several of the alkalinising fruits and vegetables mentioned in the book, the healthy lifestyle tips plus a blood glucose monitor and a litmus paper at hand in the morning, will surely help to obtain a healthier solution for some.

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