Friday, 20 March 2015

Book Review: Harness Astrology's Bad Boy

I have to be sincere. I took my time to read this book. As synchronicity has it I read this book in one of the most Pluto tinged (and other heavy astrology boys) period of my life till now.  Some parts of this book I read twice and each time I got something new out of it. So what to expect?
Divided into three parts:
Pluto through the Generations: that is Pluto’s very slow march through the signs which mark the differences in the generations that follow one after each other.
The Sun Signs: an enlightening explanation of each of the twelve zodiac signs with a clever weaving of the signs basic modalities, that is the element (Fire, Earth, Air and Water), quality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and polarity (Yang or Yin). For each sign there is a small paragraph of that sign’s natural relationship with Pluto.
Pluto and the Houses: a very original description of the twelve astrological houses, that is the sectors in a natal chart that describe sections of our lives such as money, health, partnerships, career etc. where action takes place. This is the part I liked most. A very descriptive way of describing the houses adding insight to a sometimes hazy subject.
Written in a very friendly manner I would suggest the book to a beginner in astrology or the curious one. Although I have to say there were, now and then, hidden jewels that I treasured.

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