Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Timewatch Book Review

I was fascinated by the idea of time travelling and the transportation to previous lives. The story builds up fairly quickly. Maybe it was just me but I was a bit confused throughout the book with all the family members taking part in jumping backwards, forwards and lateral in the timeline.
Most of the time the story did make sense and was enjoyable. What left me perplexed was the idea behind it all.
The scope of the Morgan family is to go backwards in time and stabilise the timeline. During their 20th century lifetime there was a huge risk, that because of a time portal, others who had not so humanitarian motives would change events in the past and so change the present.
Nothing wrong with that idea…
What I couldn’t digest well was that all this hassle was being done so the history of the USA formation was not touched, the Indians defeated and eventually USA will become the world greatest war nation that will protect the rest of the world from evil nations.
Maybe because I am European. Maybe because frankly I think USA has been meddling too much with world affairs and its war tactics. Maybe because to me it felt more like a USA propaganda “we know the best for all you in the world”, this book didn’t sit quite right with me.

Pity because the idea on the whole was fascinating.

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