Wednesday, 31 December 2014

With Gratitude bid Farewell

As the seconds tick,
the hours shift
and the planets move,
the Old Year finishes,
As the New Year starts.

I close my eyes,
And feel the unexpected pain,
The sudden joy,
The looming failure,
The achievements never dreamt,
The losses deeply wept.

I touch my Heart,
and its Timelessness.
I see its Energy 
And ride its pulse,
As the old and frail die,
Whilst bones birth perennial life.

I delve deeper in my Heart,
where an ardent furnace,
vibrantly pulses,
as my emotions heightened.

All that passed,
all that was felt,
burnt passionately in ashes.
collecting in a wooden bowl.

I open the doors,
Standing firmly,
As Winter stillness settles in,
with gratitude bid farewell,
as dark ashes flow out of the bowl.

Some fall on the white snow,
darkening it for a second or two,
before turning into worms,
and creatures of the Underworld.

Some are transported upwards,
on the Northern Wind,
darkening the sky,
as some spread their wings,
and turn in to butterflies,
bees and birds,
and creatures of the Sky.

Some fall onto the path,
as they transform in deers,
foxes, dogs and cats,
and creatures of the Earth.

I take the now empty bowl,
and bury it under an enormous Oak.

I sit nearby,
watching all the creatures move away,
as the day turns into night,
and the stars dust the sky.

As I close the door,
My Heart softly whispers:

All is well.
All is complete.
All is shifting,
All will become.

Blessed be!

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