Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book Review: Journey to Civilization

I think the author of this book tried something very arduous and complex. He tried to narrate from the moment the Big Bang happened to when humans appeared on Earth. Now one can only fathom all the scientific study that it entails, the intelligence to comprehend it all, the bird-eye's view for synthesis and the capacity to divulge such complex matter in layman's language.
Well in my humble opinion I think he has done quite a good job about it. Mind you it is still a science book, it can become “boring” at times but it has zest in the prose that picks you up now and again to urge one's curiosity to read further.
One thing, I would recommend to read this book on a colour rendering electronic reader or computer. There are quite some stunning photos, obviously in colour, that if you read them on an ink rendering e-reader would just pass unnoticed. And more importantly, the colour in the photos, diagrams or graphs are needed to understand fully the accompanying text.
You will find that the book is full of hypertext. In fact more than 25% of the book is made up of Appendices to help smoothing the reading experience of the “more scientific stuff”.
So if all science books could be written in this way, then general science could be more digestible and easily accessible to many.
The book is also available as a paperback.
Well done!

Journey to Civilization The Science of How we got here
Published by Collins Foundation Press as paperback and e-book 

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