Thursday, 21 August 2014

Book Review: Intuition and Your Sun Sign

I presume a lot of research, dedication and intuition has been used to write this book. It has quite a unique take on astrology which at times I could follow.
The author calls the planets, meridians, energy channels similar in concept to the Chinese meridians in acupuncture. For each Sun sign, all the planets, the seven traditional and the three modern ones are investigated and accordingly modulated to the primitive energy of Sun sign.
Now the idea is a very original one but I could not follow it through. I am not an expert in Astrology but neither I am a complete newbie. At times I could follow the reasoning of the meridian similar to the interpretation of the planet in a particular sign but it only worked now and then.
I took quite a long time to finish this book. I tried to understand the logic several times and I read the book out of stubborn, dutiful curiosity and gratitude for the free review copy.
Maybe one day I shall reread it and have that ah-ah moment but for now this book left me completely baffled.

Intuition and your Sun Sign: Practical Methods to Unlock your Potential

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