Sunday, 26 January 2014

Witch Finder Book Review

Witch Finder is a lovely, little book that you can read anywhere. It is pleasant, easy to scan and yet intriguing enough to make you want more and turn that one page further.
It's full of evocative Victorian England, both in places, especially industrial London and in describing how people related to each other. Through these very visual in period style description we gleam in the huge disparity between classes not only the rich and the poor but also men and women.
We can feel the contrasts filling in the story, fuelling the evolving drama, of hard extremes somehow looking alike and opposites attracting hearts that shouldn't have ever bet together.
I gave it three out of five stars because somehow I expected a bit more and not always the obvious. But on the whole it is a perfectly light, accessible read at any hour of the day with a dazzling cover front picture.

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