Sunday, 19 January 2014

Review book: You Can Heal Your Heart

This book came my way providentially. My heart needed a lot of healing and letting go of old wounds.
So as Louise Hay and David Kessler would put it in the form of affirmation, all people and all situations are delivering me towards my higher good.
An easy book to read, chapters divided into short sections, gentle in its words, respectful of the matter being discussed but firm in showing the path to self-empowerment and healing.
This book deals with all that has to do with losses that clog our hearts leaving it blocked and shrivelled for years causing prolonged sadness, anger and a complete disappointment in life. An ever bleeding wound that will not let us live our life to its completeness.
It is only through thoroughly honouring our losses, live in and move through the grievance that we can slowly change our usually biased perception of what has happened. Repeated affirmations will slowly dissolve away our negative thoughts. Healing will bring us to a place where we can safely let go of pain and sorrow leaving us free to hold our love as a beacon to all that, who and what we loved and cherished in this lifetime.
The book makes no distinction between mayor or minor loss. 
The heart does not make that difference.
Besides the classical losses of death, divorce and broken relationships of all kinds, the book dedicates a whole section on disenfranchised grief, that is that grief for which people do not feel they have a socially recognized right to grieve such as, LGBT relationships, loss of pets (a whole chapter is dedicated), abortion or miscarriages, suicide, drug/disease related deaths, loss of jobs or a kind of life that can never be again like it was before, such as cancer patients.
The beauty of this book is that it lovingly points out many times that all our interrelations and exchanges with and within this world are assigned to us for our own healing. That relationships and events are our guides and teachers that the Universe uses to help us discover within ourselves the Divine and the Power we all carry within and rarely acknowledge.
So now grab your pen and several Post-it and start writing your way out of grieve and your way in to your true free loving self.
The book will be published on the 4th February 2014

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