Friday, 1 November 2013

Book Review of A Very Civil Wedding

A Very Civil WeddingA Very Civil Wedding by V.T. Davy
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When asked to review this book I was intrigued by the subject the author tackled in the book: a same sex-marriage of the princess that one day will be Queen and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.
I said to myself WOW!. Someone finally decided to face a topic that can, in any near future possibly become reality.
What immediately struck me is the telegraphic, down to earth dairy style of the narration yet deeply supported by a well-documented research of the subtle details of cannon and land law.
The story unwraps itself through three main characters: Princess Alexandra the lesbian first born of the Prince of Wales, an initially unspecified gay young lad and the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Through them we get to know the various aspects of a society in its personal and collective journey to provoke, fear, hate and accept change.
In the name of love that knows no boundaries and the conviction that God's love is beyond heterosexual tagging, the sincere asking of a woman in love with her partner that wishes not only a civil marriage to bind a contract but a blessing from the faith that nurtures her believe in life but whose church refuses acknowledgment of such love.
I highly recommend.

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