Monday, 29 July 2013

Earth and Water

I crossed the threshold,
felt the call.

I dive towards the sandy sea bed,
the sea beckoning to just let go,
...and flow.

Two parallel worlds,
so near and afar.

Earth and Water.

Kept separate by our evolution,
united by the space of a withheld breath.

The tinkling of the grains of sand,
the gently tumble on each other,
moving along the hidden flow.

There is no resistance,
no questions to be asked.

Just an energy to be.

All is hushed.
Time slows.
Senses expand.

Water and Earth.
Sensually merge.

Another wave,
another thrust.

The veil closes,
the earth reclaims her child,
now pregnant of a gift,
that will slowly grow inside.

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