Sunday, 25 March 2012

The One Minute Cure Review

I knew about charged oxygen being used in a variety of diseases with great success. I knew about the phagocytes in body using hydrogen peroxide as a first line defence. I practically knew about all the author was talking about. I agree that with our current lifestyles oxygenation of tissues can help a lot especially in chronic, degenerative and infectious diseases.
However what leaves my dubious is the administration of H202 in water. Hydrogen peroxide is highly unstable so Oxygen will be released immediately in the water used for administration. How much will be absorbed in the blood stream assuming that the bulk goes via oral systemic absorption not via mouth mucosa which avoids the first pass effect of the liver (the detoxification mechanisms of the liver)? How much will be neutralized by the acidic environment in the stomach?
The book is full of historical annotations of the use of H2O2 in various diseases but practically nothing is said how eventually the absorption is going to happen via oral systemic absorption and deposit active Oxygen there where in is needed that is deep inside tissue levels and in cells. The author admits that most of the data comes from intravenous administration of H2O2 which makes sense since bioavailability of H202 is highest via this route. 
So yes the idea is interesting but I have my doubts how much is effective by the oral method the author is advocating.

The one minute cure

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Ila East said...

I've never heard to this. I't's certainly worth more research.