Monday, 7 December 2009

A Thousand Splendid Suns Review

I gobbled this book in approximately 12 hours. If I had no social life these 12 hours would have been just straight through.
Many where the emotions that Khaled Hosseini conveyed me. What was constant was the angriness that I felt as a woman for the suffering and injustice Afghan women have to succumb to. If it was not for the ability of Hosseini to make me yearn for more I would have tossed the book away after a few chapters because I can't stand feeling powerless in front of all this anguish. Hosseini has an innate way of making you feel part of the story and the culture he is describing. Somewhat an Afghan Charles Dickens' story.
Through Hosseini 's writing I've learnt more about Afghan people and their sufferings. What is compelling about this book is the extent with which emotions are dealt with, flooding one's heart as a thousand splendid suns would.
Simple and straight forward this book leads you with a fervent pace in a life we nowadays western cultured women can only imagine and recall via history books while ardently hope that one day not far away all women need not endure any more.

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