Sunday, 13 December 2009

Empress of the World Review

I read this book in nearly a day. It has won various prizes in young adults category and reading it I can understand why. If you are a teenage and looking for a romance suited for your age then definitely go for it.
I'm not teen aged any more but can realise the appeal that this book can have for this very delicate age group. It is simple and straight forward where everything is all or nothing.
Everything revolves around a particular event. Everything is Important. Yes there is tomorrow or the future but it is something hazy. Everything is possible. Everything feels so right that no one can stop you.
Well in this book Nicola's life stops to revolve round one special summer that eventually will change her life but she doesn't know it yet. The past and the future are not important. All importance is given to this summer, notated in a dairy with not only the date but also the precise time of its writing (something which I remember quite well doing).
All ingredients are there to convey the immediateness, the voracity and the vastness of that single one moment in time...of that one summer which we all, teen or not can some way or another relate to.
What I think this book lacks is a more detailed insight of the characters involved, a more refined story telling techniques, a maturer way of writing a book....which however as teenagers or young adults few of us had!
So what I can say about Sara Ryan in this book is: work in progress!

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