Friday, 2 November 2007

There's a hole in the roof!

I should be singing just now "There's hole in the roof, dear Hazel, dear Hazel.There's a hole in the roof, dear Hazel!".
Yep, you just read it right. The neighbours (are they called neighbours?) one floor up have been having problems with their bathroom. Actually they have been flooding my bathroom.
So after months of patience I couldn't take it anymore and called the plumber which verified that the problem was not only with their clean water drains but also, what shall we call it, organic drains! Well you know that liquid that you flush down the drain after you have used the w.c.
Well that liquid has been slowly sipping in my roof since when I bought the house more than four years ago.
Now at last they are getting rid of the old plumbings and doing all the bathroom new. Well you might just be saying "What's the problem?".
Nothing if had it not been this morning just after I have been to the loo, part of the ceiling came tumbling down. I could see the plumber upstairs shoveling "earth" away.
I really felt the earth crumbling down.
So with every moviment they made upstairs tons of earth came tumbling down....
And now my cat has just spilled my mug full of coffee on my keyboard and papers!!!!!
What the f****!!!!!

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