Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Samhain Blessings

To all of you,
friends, relatives,
ancestors and pets,
that have reached
a higher dimension,
a world to us unknown.

Today we call upon you
and bless each one of you.
Thanking you for being part
of our lives.
Praying that finally
rest has been conceded
and the journey,
has come to a welcoming end.

May your spirits,
through your teachings,
through your deads,
through your love,
accompany us,
in our every day lives.

May we remember you,
with honour,
and through your wisdom,
what is for us,
next to fulfil.

May we be worthy
to join you,
after having discerned
what in this life
we agreed to accomplish,
at the origin,
of our earthly cycle.

To all of you,
so called "departed",
may one day,
when time is ripe,
meet again.
And through tears of joy,
remember all those we left behind.

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