Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Moon in Leo 23-07-2017

New Moon in Leo for the 23-07-2017 11:45 CED
The New Moon in Leo is tightly conjunct Mars in Leo. So we have a combust Mars in Leo. During the Lunation there will be 6 planets in fire including a fire trine.
So this is going to be quite a fiery time.
I give some health suggestions of how to survive this huge fire energy.
This is the build up for the incoming eclipses in August.
Blessed New Moon in Leo! 
May You Roar with dignity and charm!
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Thank you so much.I am both a Holistic Health Practitioner and a professional Astrologer. As a healer, I bring these two disciplines together, using astrology as the framework on which I weave all my knowledge in order to help my clients achieve and maintain their health and well-being.

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