Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Venus Return, South Node and New Facebook Business Page

Today I took the plunge and opened my new Facebook Business Page.

You may ask why today of all days.

I have been waiting for the right day but with all these retrogrades left right and centre it seems there is no good time really. But I had to start from somewhere, Mars is moving slowly forward…

It was only then that my astrology lightbulb lit….I was going to have my Venus Return just within less than 24 hours from the New Moon in Cancer. And I said, “Oh wow!”.

Venus for me, as in my natal chart, has a special role. It is not only my only classical planet in water but it also happens to be conjunct my South Node. It also forms a T-square with Chiron and Uranus. My Moon and Venus are in mutual reception. So as you can imagine, Venus has a lot to say in my life.

Lately I have been monitoring closely when Venus gets triggered….she has a lot to say on my health too.

In this lifetime, Venus has taken me on a long journey of self-discovery. She is a hub for lessons to learn.

In Equal house system my Venus and SN are in the 5th house, my Re-Creation but Cancer rules my 6th house, my work as a service to others…

So for me, today it felt it was just the perfect timing to honour myself, my creativity, my skills and my new profession as an astrologer and medical astrologer…I am not saying this light-heartedly. I feel a bit overwhelmed and hugely responsabile but a long journey needs to start from just one step.

And I am here today because of all those small steps that I have already done, each day, during all my lifetime. 

Many of those steps, like this one, have been made in utter blindfolded faith.

Why the title “As the Universe so the Soul”?

Many of you are probably familiar with the phrase, “as above so below”.
But the whole of it is:
"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe so the soul” attributed to Hermes Trismegistus.

I have been always a Pagan Animist at heart. For me the phrase “as the universe so the soul” is exactly how I feel that astrology works. Not only astrology but all of holistic medicine. We are one with the Universe. We are one with all that surrounds as. All is living. All vibrates. All is connected. 

We are all connected.

We might not see it but if we become still enough we can hear all of the Universe vibrating, echoing the initial sound of creation.

As the universe so the soul reminds me of a life continuum. That even when I, as Acquafortis die, my true essence will still go on living.

Put it in another way that phrase is my spiritual anchor that aligns me to my soul’s vibrational intent.

And to it I am holding, vibrating, as I plunge myself in this whole new adventure….

May I be worthy of it.

So Mote It Be!

This is my Facebook Business Page. Click here for the link.

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