Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dreaming of Babylon

The dial turns and the 29th degree clicks.
My eyes close and a portal is opened.

My feet are wearing simple leather sandals,
climbing slowly the yellow stone stairs,
flanked with fire torches,
carved out in a long upward corridor.

At the top it opens to the darkness of the night,
to the smell of fresh air,
and flowers in the garden.

Silence envelops my being,
while now and then a cricket keeps time of the Earth's rhythm.

I stopped, 
levelled my sight on the horizon.

The full Moon was rising,
illuminating sensually the many towers dispersed in the high planes.
The stones seemed to vibrate with cool fire,
while symbols came to life.

I turned to my left and found him.

My Master.

You see you've made it, you have, come back.
Look at the Moon and the stars,
they have been waiting for you.
Many lives have died but one is the soul. “

My eyes filled with tears
and my body shivered.

At last I have come back home...

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