Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review of The Fiche Room

The Fiche RoomThe Fiche Room by Suzie Carr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book took my hand and walked me down a long memory lane. Reading The Fiche Room was like reading my diary that I never wrote in those turbulent days. Those words that wrenched my heart, thoughts that split my head in two and emotions that ignited me alive.
There were "weird" moments when I thought that Suzie Carr was in my head some odd 12 years ago.
It is a book I would like that my ex-husband-to be could read, for him to understand how it feels being on the other side and that "cheating" was never meant to be on my agenda. To my mother, so she can feel what she insists in denying at a heart level. To my friends that do not know me, for them to see that being gay and accepting it late in life is never a "decision" lightly taken and for sure a tsunami in all spheres of life where all certainties are left behind.
All this and much more Suzie Carr has succeeded in describing with respect, sincerity and love for life.
Thank you!

"I'd like to hear how wonderful you think it is to walk along a romantic beachfront and not be able to stop and kiss and hold hands because of social stigma"

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